Saturday, July 24, 2010

Actually... no.

To the person who told me last night that I had to admit that the liberal university I attend was a morally bad place:

In person, I waited for you to back down. You didn't, so I did. Please don't confuse social tact with cowardice. The only evil I know of is that which comes from outside (Student Body President being killed, rape nearby). These things are evil, but they do not come from the university. You call free speech evil? Uncensored learning? Homosexuality?

I call the fact that I spent years praying and thinking and seeing things that are not real is disturbing. I think the fact that soldiers are using their military experiences as a venue to spread Christianity is a bit of Americanization. I think that it is supreme injustice for same-sex marriage to be banned in many places.

And really, if you are looking for something evil to protest, go no further than Westboro Baptist Church. Note the child holding a rather explicit sign at the very end of the video.
Those are evils. Free speech is not.

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