Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hold up, Wait a minute, Put a little LOOOOOVE in it

My previous post about GetEQUAL was positive, as my opinion of them remains. However, I think that they may need to slow down.

Reading my school's LGBTQ constitution reminds me that many of the groups pushing for sexuality nondiscrimination aren't limited to that. GetEQUAL sent out an email today regarding the Arizona law SB 1070. Though I really have no personal experience of discrimination and I don't live in Arizona, I understand that the law sucks. But being remotely critical of Lady Gaga for not making this one of the issues she fights is.... hasty.

"We all know how supportive Lady Gaga is of LGBT issues. What's missing is her support of immigrants to America -- especially immigrant youth who are also lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender." (from email)

Sure, ask her to make a stand, but if she doesn't, it doesn't make her inconsiderate or slighting. She just may have a different opinion.

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