Friday, July 23, 2010

I don't fly kites.

I grew up in the American south devout. Now I'm not. Simple, but comes with clutter.

I'm trying to figure how not to be an extremist but to do right. Some of my favorite- and most respected- people are devout Christians, so I'm trying to keep this anonymous, at least for now. Please, give feedback!

Noam Chomsky matter-of-factly spoke of far-right "Christian Extremists," a phrase I've never heard before.

East of Eden, Chapter 22:
"Joe was off to college...Samuel wrote to Joe, saying, 'I would be disappointed if you had not become an atheist, and I read pleasantly that you have, in your age and wisdom, accepted agnosticism the way you'd take a cookie on a full stomach. But I would ask you not to try to convert your mother. Your last letter only made her think you are not well. Your mother does not believe there are many ills uncurable by good strong soup. She puts your brave attack on the structure of our society down to a stomach ache. It worries her. Her faith is a mountain and you haven't even got a shovel yet."

P.S. I want to caulk the fissures in my life left by religion with Psychology, St. Vincent, Muse, poetry of all sorts, water balloon fights, social tact and humility, cigarettes, Jonathan Safran Foer, and Kurt Vonnegut. In that spirit:
a song.

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