Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fruitful Day

Tonight I watched episode #669: Agnostic Delusions of the Austin-based "The Atheist Experience." Seems like a good show to me, though callers... hmmmm.
(Img cred: Atheist Nation)

From this show, I'v gained useful info and perspective.
  • Lots of atheists do research. This is my endeavor to do so.
  • Agnosticism and atheism are not, according to this show, the pick-one-and-stick-to-it categories I've assumed that they are. In fact, it is quite reasonable (and specific) to pick a form of each. I, for example, am an agnostic atheist because I strongly believe there is no god, but I do not say that it is knowledge. Other availabilities are gnostic atheist, gnostic theist, and agnostic theist.
  • And just to further clarify, -theism is about belief and -gnosticism is about knowledge.
  • Solipsism is the most difficult word to hear and recognize ever. Additionally, it seems like good science fiction and a stupid idea to live by. If one were to live by this theory then I imagine one would end up in a mental institution.
  • Trusting scientific methods is not the same thing as having faith. Jen has a justified belief that science is the best method for describing the world.

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